Merrell House

Almost since it’s advent, New Church Challenge and it’s members have dreamed of creating a residence for New Church adults living with disabilities.

Previous houses or properties in and around Bryn Athyn, that New Church Challenge has investigated in the past have been met by access, logistical, and financial barriers that have stymied our best efforts to move forward.

We continue to work on developing a small residence that could provide a separate and more independent living experience for our adult children and we hope to have an exciting announcement before the end of the year 2019. 

We are looking at a site with relatively easy access to: public transportation, Bryn Athyn Cathedral and other Bryn Athyn Church and  community activities, Huntingdon Valley and Swedenborg Libraries, and Pennypack Trail/Trust for exercise and recreation.

The time is now to move forward after many years of planning and saving. With a growing need, and the opportunity of a property within the Bryn Athyn community, the dream of a Merrell House is within reach.