There are numerous resources available for people with dis/abilities in Pennsylvania as well as around North America. Below are links to some of these resources along with links to New Church Resources to support individuals and families. Check back, as new resources and links will be added. For children’s books about differences and disabilities click here.

Creating Access and Equity in New Church Classrooms

This resource was created for New Church Challenge and for use in New Church Schools. It provides a brief exploration of  Accommodations & Modifications and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as they relate to dyslexia, dyscalculia, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and sensory processing needs. Links to additional information on the topics are provided. We are grateful to Brenna Sweeney for her work on this project and are excited to see this resource available to New Church Teachers!


New Church Vineyard. Website for General Church Education, providing educational resources for Sunday School, families, and individuals.  Includes coloring pages, lessons, talks, and projects for all ages.

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services

Disabilities and Aging
Intellectual Disabilities Services
Services for People with Disabilities
The Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Online Educational Resources

New Church Challenge cannot verify the legitimacy of all online resources, but some members have found the following useful for their family members.

Kahn Academy — A free educational resource for teachers, homeschooling parents, and kids of all ages. Quality online lessons with step-by-step instructional videos to help your student or you child learn mathematics, grammar, science, history, computer science, economics and test preparation.

Kahn Academy Kids — Free, no-ad app to teach young children from ages 2-6 basic concepts in many subjects.

Starfall — Songs, Games and Activities to help students, pre-K — through 3rd grade, Colors, Numbers, Letters, Phonics, Reading, and Math, as well as Calendar skills. Some free resources, but more available as paid subscription.

Online Legal/Advocacy Resources

New Church Challenge does not provide legal advice to members. The following links may provide articles, books or other documents related to advocacy and legal resources for people with disabilities.

Wrightslaw — A site with many resources, articles and links to books on Special Education Laws and advocacy, with an index for many different issues and topics.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act — information on the history and progression of the 1975 Act, signed by Gerald Ford, to promote an equal access to education for people with disabilities.

The Office for Dispute Resolution — The Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR) administers the special education dispute resolution system for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and provides the resources for parents and educational agencies to resolve educational disputes for children served by the early intervention system, students who are gifted (or thought to be gifted), and students with disabilities (or thought to have disabilities).