Below is a list of books about differences and disabilities. Click here for: Online Resources

Books for Families and Classrooms

Uniquely Wired is a book about children with autism.

Who are You? Ella the Enchanted Princess is a story about a girl who lost her hair.

The Invisible Boy writes about quieter children and how a small act of kindness can make a difference.

Why am I Me? talks about children of different ethnic backgrounds.

A Friend Like Simon is another book about autism.

The Girl Who Thought in Pictures tells about Temple Grandin who is a scientist on the spectrum.

I See Things Differently is an introductory children’s book about the autism spectrum.

Emmanuel’s Dream is the true story of a boy with only one leg.

All My Stripes is a book to help children with autism understand their differences.

Where Oliver Fits is a funny story about the search for fitting in.

The Friendship Puzzle addresses the need to include children on the spectrum.

Howie Helps Himself tells about a child with cerebral palsy.

Understanding Sam is a sweet book about a child with autism.

Waiting for Benjamin tells about how a family adjusts to their son’s diagnosis.

Don’t Call Me Special addresses physical limitations in a kind way.

Ian’s Walk is another book about dealing with autism in the family.

A Rainbow of Friends celebrates children from all different backgrounds.

It’s Okay to be Different explores people’s needs for help.

A Different Little Doggy is about a dog with special needs.

Thank You Mr. Falkner is by the well known author Patricia Polacco about dyslexia.

Sara’s Secret tells about a girl whose brother has cerebral palsy.

Keep Your Ear on the Ball describes a happy resolution for a blind boy who wants to play too.

Lemon the Duck tells of a duck with neurological challenges who is loved anyway.

The Pirate of Kindergarten explains why a little girls needs to wear a patch over her eye.

The Black Book of Colors explores what it is like to be blind, giving sighted children a chance to try braille.

Spaghetti is Not a Finger Food is about a child with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Moses Goes to a Concert describes a child who is deaf, and uses sign language to enjoy the world.

The Seeing Stick by Jane Yolen tells of the Emperor’s daughter who is born blind.

My Friend has Down Syndrome is a tale of a child and her friend.

Susan Laughs shows us a day in the life of a child in a wheelchair.

47 Strings helps children understand Down Syndrome.

We’ll Paint the Octopus Red tells of a little girl learning about her baby brother with Down Syndrome.

Special People Special Ways is a lovely illustrated book about many differently abled children.

Some Kids Use Wheelchairs is a gentle introduction to those who don’t walk.

Why Does Izzy Cover Her Ears? discusses sensory overload.

Some Kids Wear Leg Braces helps children understand challenges with walking.

Some Kids are Deaf creates a bridge to compassion for those who cannot hear.

The Alphabet War brings a better understanding to dyslexia.

In Hooway for Wodney Wat the rat who cannot pronounce some of his letters saves the day.

Daniel’s New Friend helps normalize children with braces.

My Friend Has Autism is a simple way to introduce the spectrum.

You’re All Kinds of Wonderful describes many ways of being.

We All Have Different Abilities tells about a number of human conditions.

Just Because explores a sibling relationship between a special needs child and her brother.

What’s Inside You is Inside Me too helps a child understand Down Syndrome.

My Three Best Friends and Me, Zulay is a darling story about a blind girl and her besties.

Whoever You Are talks about how we are different and the same too.

Our Stripy Baby could help a child adjust to a baby sibling that looks different.

In Taking Cerebral Palsy to School the classroom figures out how to include everyone.